Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

Our standard charge for self-guided rides is £19/rider. We don't charge for drivers or friends who want to walk or cycle with you. Some of our events or escorted rides will be priced differently. Please book online.


We have an online booking system so that you can easily book your ride with us online. If we have to cancel your attendance for any reason (for example the ground is too frosty) then we will refund your fee in full.

Do you charge for walkers or cyclists?

No. As long as the walkers or cyclists are accompanying a rider, we do not charge. We do charge for additional cars bringing friends or relations.

How does it work? Do I need to read a map?

For the Self-Guided Rides we provide annotated maps with very precise directions written on an A4 laminated sheet. This sheet is attached to you via a lanyard (with a safety clip). The bridleways are also well marked with bridleway signs. If you need glasses to read a map, do bring them with you! The maps are based on Ordnance Survey and we have a licence to reproduce them for you to use. Please return after use. If you follow the directions you won't get lost!

If you don't want to read a map, join one of our guided rides that we occasionaly run on a Wednesday morning (sometimes on Sundays) where we will guide you in a small group, or if you have a minimum of 4 people, we can arrange a bespoke Guided Ride to suit you and your friends.

Do I need my own horse or can I hire one?

Yes, you need your own horse. I'm sorry but we don't hire out horses, or offer lessons.

I can't find transport - do you know anyone?

Yes, we are in touch with a number of self-drive companies or horse-transport companies. Ask us for details when you book.

Do you do guided / escorted rides?

We occasionally run Guided Rides. We will have a small group (max 6) leaving the yard @ 10:30am sharp for approx two hours. Booking of a 'Guided' ride is essential.

Is it suitable for Children?

We'd suggest that all children under the age of 16 are escorted by a competent adult (either on foot or riding their own horse). Older teenagers who are highly competent (Pony Club B Test), have a good sense of direction and have passed the relevant road-safety courses can ride alone, but they'll need to be able to follow a map and directions and shouldn't expect a reliable signal for their smartphone.

For younger children, we'd recommend that you make use of our off-road tracks on the farm, again accompanied by a responsible adult. If your'e feeling fit we also have a lead-rein friendly route to the Turville Heath Cafe which takes about an hour to walk to with a pony.

Where are you?

Our postcode is HP14 3XT. 5 mins from Junction 5 of the M40 (Stokenchurch) see our Directions Page.

Is it suitable for carriage driving?

Not really. Our lanes are narrow and can be very steep. We wouldn't suggest you carriage drive from Ibstone.

Are the rides 'Off Road'

Some are. Most of the longer rides are a combination of bridleways and quiet country lanes. We do have one (approx 1.5 hour ride) that is off road except for about 400 yards on a lane. There are routes around our farm which are completely off road and include several canter tracks up hill and these routes also link into the adjoining bridleways. The views from the farm are glorious.

Can I stop mid-ride at a Pub or Cafe?

Absolutely! The Bull & Butcher pub in Turville (30 minute ride) is good for a mid-ride lunch as is The Fox & Hounds at Christmas Common (1.5 hours ride). The most popular and relaxed stop is The Barn Cafe @ Turville Heath which is great for coffee and light lunches on the common. It's open every weekend and has an 'honesty box' during the week for coffee and cake.

My friends would like to walk or mountain-bike

Great idea! We have mapped a few walks, including to the Cafe & back (about 4 miles), so that riders and walkers can meet for lunch. Mountain bikers can follow their friends, or take an entirely different route if they like. We only charge for horse riders. Be prepared for some good hills and spectacular views on your walk. The Cafe walk is not suitable for walking to with very young children, buggies or walking to in flip-flops!

Are there gates?

Most (but not all) rides have a few gates. Most are easy to do from a horse or pony. We'll advise. If you have a total aversion to gates we do have a couple of routes which are 'gate free'.

Can I bring my Riding Club / Group / Organise an Event?

Yes, but we'll need to book it in and would like a deposit.

Can I bring my horse overnight?

Yes. See our 'Holiday' page.